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This site is full of worksheets on Roman numerals. There is a list which breaks down the Roman numerals into sections. The worksheets cover translating Arabic numbers to Roman numerals, adding, and subtracting. There are also crossword puzzles to quiz the students. This is a great site if you need ideas for worksheets.

ProTeacher: Rome
This site is really cool if you want to integrate subjects. This page contains a lesson on Rome. There is a math lesson, social studies lesson, and a science lesson. The math lesson covers Roman numerals. The lesson's goals are for the students to become aware of the similarities and differences between Roman numerals and Arabic Numbers and also become more familiar with Roman numerals.

A Mathematics Lesson
This page consists of one lesson plan. The goals for the students are to be able to apply Roman numerals in mathematics, learn a brief history of Roman numerals, and teach students how to count from 1-100 in Roman numerals. The lesson lists all the different steps that are supposed to be in a lesson plan. This is a very thorough lesson for teachers who can't think of one for class.

Ask Eric
This page contains a lesson on Roman numerals. The goals of this lesson are for students to recognize Roman numerals, compare Arabic numbers to correct Roman numeral, and be able to transfer the Arabic numbers to the Roman numerals. It has a bunch of activities that you can do if you don't want to take the whole lesson.

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