Roman Numerals
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This page has links on it about Roman Numerals. This page was designed for fourth and fifth graders who are just learning about Roman Numerals. The pages have history on Roman Numeral, conversion tools, and games. This page should be used to help students learn and practice Roman Numerals.

Coolmath 4 Kids
This is a very helpful sight for learning how to add Roman Numerals. A normal calculator helps with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers that we are used to. The calculator on this page allows you to add, subtract, divide, and multiply Roman Numerals. You just need to push what Roman Numerals you would like to use and process you need to do. It works exactly like a scientific calculator.

Learning Roman Numerals
This is a really neat website. The site is divided into different areas. The first area is an introduction to the page. The page is really interesting in the fact that it is set up as a task. It gives you a couple of websites to use as resources on Roman Numerals. After you look over the pages there is a quiz to test you on what you know. This is an informative site full of good links.

Quia-Easy Roman Numerals
This page contains four games that help you learn Roman Numerals. There is concentration, a matching game, a word search, and flashcards. Concentration has you flip over cards and match the Roman Numeral to the correct number. If you get it wrong the cards flip back over and you have to try to remember where each number is. The matching game has you match the Roman Numerals to the correct numbers, but all of the cards are already facing you. The word search is very interesting. It gives you a list of Roman Numerals and you have to find the number written out in English. The flashcards are neat. You click on the card to flip it over to see if you are correct. This is a good sight to learn while having a little fun.

Number Place Value and Roman Numeral Lessons With Quizzes
This page is good for helping memorize what the Roman Numerals stand for. There is a chart that lists the different Roman Numerals and what each one stands for. There is also a quiz on the page where you can test to see how much you have learned from the chart. There are the answers for teh quiz on the same page, so you can check to see how much you know and what you need to study.

Math Forum
Math Forum is full of information about Roman Numerals. You can start by learning to basics about Roman Numerals. You then can learn about how to calculate Roman Numerals and how you can use them for arithmetic problems. You then can learn a little history on the way Romans used and math and how Roman Numerals are used today. There is also a list of other links to learn more about Roman Numerals. This page is full of information to help you learn about Roman Numerals.

Roman Numerals
This page has a little bit of background knowledge on Roman Numerals. It also gives you the basic letters and defines what they mean. It then shows you how to show a couple other letters. At the top of the page there is a converter. One way you can use it is by typing in a number and hitting convert. It will change the number into a Roman Numeral. The other way is by entering a Roman Numeral and hitting convert. This will turn the Roman Numeral into a number.

Addition-Roman Numerals
This page is full of different drill games. The one is converting Arabic numbers, like the number 14, into Roman Numerals. You can also add and subtract Roman Numerals. All you need to do is hit "next lesson" at the top of the page to switch between the games. For the addition game you push the start button and it will give you two Roman Numerals to add. You need to figure out what Roman Numeral the sum will be. Subtraction is the same way.

Activities for Franklin Time Keepers
This page has two different java games on it. The first is a matching game. It gives you a pile of Roman Numerals and you need to move them onto the correct Arabic number. The trick is that it gives you more Roman Numerals than Arabic numbers. The second game is a sequence game. You are given three Roman Numerals and you need to put them in correct order, smallest to largest. It is just another way to practice your Roman Numerals.



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