A PowerPoint on Butterflies

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This site was designed to teach information about the butterfly. The goal of this site is to teach early elementary school students the body parts of the butterfly. Children will become interested and will want to learn more!

Come and view my power point presentation to learn all about butterflies!

Butterfly Power point

Here are the suggested wed sites seen in the PowerPoint and other suggested to further your learning experience:

The Butterfly Site
Your # 1 site for Butterfly Info on the Internet! This site is FILLED with tons of different activities, facts, shopping, and more links dealing with butterflies! One person could spend hours searching around in this site. Click on the Biology link and learn all about the butterfly's life cycle. Click on the Rearing link and see how you can raise REAL LIVE butterflies!

Butterflies and Moths
This site really got me to think...Moths vs. Butterflies? Moths are more common than butterflies, the most obvious difference between the two is the time they are active. Come and compare and contrast the differences between the two and see what you'll learn. Are they really that different?

Butterfly Info
Butterfly Info offers you: The Butterfly List, butterflies the roam some parts of Europe; Books on Butterflies; Poems; Photo Gallery; and other links to butterflies across the world. It is interesting for children to learn what is going on around them, but what is going on in other areas. The sweet poems my bring out the poet in your classroom.

Butterfly Museum
If you can't physically go there...we will bring you there mentally. The Butterfly Museum brings you online pictures of the actual museum in La Ceiba, Honduras. The brilliant pictures presented make it hard to believe that such creatures exist on our planet.

The Fascinating World Of Butterflies

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of butterflies? Probably the colorful flutter of wings. But...there is so much more than initially meets the eye! Take a look below at some of the fascinating things about butterflies. This site is filled with a lot of unknown facts. Did you know that a butterfly tastes with its feet? Come and find out more!

Insecta Inspecta World
Is the name of this site catchy? Or does it make you want to go explore and catch some facts and information about butterflies and other insects? This site goes in depth on a lot of different areas about the butterfly and other insects...would you like to learn anything about ants?

Butterflies of North America
This site offers distribution maps showing the counties where butterflies are located...Go look around in Michigan, and near your hometown! The are many photos of different species of the butterfly (adult) and caterpillars. The is endless amounts of information on size, identifying characteristics, life history, flight, caterpillar hosts, adult food, habitat, species range, conservation status, and management needs!

Kids Zone
You thought you've heard enough? Well this site is great for kids to gain interest about their favorite insect. Do butterflies catch you attention? Come build a few fun puzzles, and see how beautiful and breathtaking butterflies really are! But you have to be quick...they time you! *My best time so far is 1 min and 30 seconds! Come and try to beat me!

Primary Games.Com
This is a simple to use page about butterflies and their body parts. Just role your mouse over each part and you will learn. This is great for quizzing yourself! Go and print off coloring pages and color your butterfly favorite color. Don't forget to have fun!

Bug Club
Now that you have learned all about the butterfly...do I still have your attention? Well how about bugs? YUK?! No, no...as you have learned a butterfly is an insect, and well...and insect is a bug! So why not join the Bug Club and see what other fascinating creatures there are out there!

The next links were designed for 2nd and 3rd graders. This page is a lesson plan about the life cycle of the butterfly. The first part of the lesson plan is Instruction. It teaches you about the butterfly's life cycle. The second part of the lesson plan is a worksheet. Then finally there is a quiz you can take to see what you learned about the butterfly's life cycle. There are answers for the worksheet and the quiz so you can see how well you did.

Life Cycle Information



Quiz Answers

Information on the Butterfly and it's cycle obtained from www.enchantedlearning.com.


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