Facts About the Peanut

Latest update to this document: 19 February 2003

Have you ever sat back and started to wonder about random things in life?Maybe you had time and became curious about something that you would not usually think about. For instance, have you ever thought about what ingredients are inside the things that you eat, or where those ingredients come from? Well, think about all the things that are consumed every day and how many of them have labels saying that they do or may contain peanuts.Where do the peanuts come from and how are they grown?If you are just curious, or if you are a junior high or high school student looking for research information, you are in the right place to learn about peanuts.Here you can find out the answers to questions about where peanuts originated, how they are grown, and what happens to them after they are grown.There are also some fun facts that you will probably never need to know, but you may find them interesting or intriguing anyway.

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History of the Peanut Growing Conditions and Farming Fun Facts


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