Sets and Venn Diagrams

Latest update to this document: 23 April 2003

Even before the idea of number was brought about, there was a sense of sets. This is exhibited in the words that people used to use and still use today, such as pairs of mittens or a couple of people. These are sets and the idea of sets is an important concept to understand because they are all around and are said to have began the idea of counting and can be used to define numbers.

Throughout this web page, the idea of sets and what sets are will be explored. To do this, just select to get started to go through the site or choose from the other link options below. Included here is background information, a PowerPoint slide show, a printable worksheet and quiz with the answers available, and links to web sites that should be helpful. Ultimately, students in middle school should be able to learn what sets are, the terminology used with sets, and the ways sets relate to one another through the use of a Venn diagram.

Let's Get Started - What are Sets?

PDF version of "What are Sets?"

Worksheet for "What are Sets?"

Worksheet Answers

What is a Venn Diagram?

Sets and Venn Diagrams PowerPoint

Sets and Venn Diagrams Quiz

Answers to Quiz

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