Punnett Squares

Latest update to this document: 3 April 2003

In a high school classroom setting, the sciences are emphasized. Through Biology, students are made aware of the things around them and how things work and become what they are today. Fitting within this idea, where do the traits and characteristics of people come from? How do we each come to look different from others around us? Why do we not always look similar to our siblings? To answer some of these questions, especially how we get our genes and the traits that express them, a Punnett square can be a useful tool. In the search to answer questions about the study of genetics, the Punnett square needs to be understood and used as a tool of discovery.

Introduction to the Punnett Square.

Punnett Square Worksheet.

Take the Punnett Square Quiz.

Here are the answers to the Punnett Square Worksheet and Quiz.


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