Metric System: Linear Measurement

Welcome to my site all about the metric system and measuring length. I have provided a lesson for students 4th grade up to 6th grade. It includes a power point presentation with an overview of the metric system. They will learn what it is, why it is easier to use, and basic units of measurement. I have also given resources to check out, and a crossword puzzle to challenge your knowledge and then a quiz to see what you have learned. So check it out!

Resources made by me:

Power Point Slide Show

Check out my power point slide presentation for a lesson on Metric system and linear measurement. I included vocabulary, a short history, a small amount about conversions, and a fun activity to do with a class.

Crossword puzzle

I also made a crossword puzzle for students in a pdf document. Just print it out and let them try to solve the puzzle. It is mostly vocabulary, but there is a little converting also.

Metric Quiz

I made up a small quiz to see how much the students understand. It's just six questions about each part of the lesson.

Student Resources:

Metrics Matter

This is a great site for kids to explore the different metric units with the metric man. You can click on different parts of the metric man and he will take you to explore things like temperature and length. There are great facts and it is a fun way to interact.


Here is a great resource for students to explore the two different methods of measuring length, the english system and the Metric. It has great descriptions and examples of the relative size of the units. Students can test "the length of their knowledge" with a fun exercise.

Lesson Tutor

Come check out this site with great information on the metric system and conversions. It includes a great visual on how to convert with a step chart. It also has some examples and sample problems for converting.

Parent and Teacher Resources:

All you will need to know about Metric

Here is a good site for pictures and visuals of different units of measurement. It is a very basic lesson on what you will need to know for the metric system. It is just a quick lesson with some basic units of measurement. This site would serve as a good site for parents to learn a little about the system to help children.

How far can a frog jump?

This activity is designed to introduce children to the metric system, focusing mainly on length and distances. This activity will allow children the use of metic rulers and meter sticks. This project includes some useful vocabulary and is a simulation of a frog jumping contest. It would be a great way to get children in to learning measurement.

Customary and Metric Systems of Measurement

Check out this site for great facts about the metric system and some brief history. It also contains charts with the different units of measurement. It is about all different kinds of measurement, such as weight, distance, and volume. I would recommend this site to teachers or parents to check out for information.

A World History of Measurement and Metrics

This is a great site for parents and teachers also. It is a great way to learn the history of the metric system. It is a long detailed version of the history. There are no charts or telling about the units of measurement, just a great description of how and when the metric system was established.


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