Descriptive Writing Lesson

English/Language Arts Lesson

Grades 6-8

This page is set up for teachers looking for a fun and exciting way to teach kids how to be effective descriptive writers. Below are four pages that you can use in your lesson(s). They are arranged into an instructional page, two worksheets, and a quiz. You can use these as your lesson or as part of your lesson.

If you need help preparing a lesson take a look at this instructional page . It gives a good introduction into the descriptive writing lesson. Along with the two worksheets I have provided, it will be a great lesson for your students. Just make sure that the students understand the importance of appealing to the five senses and being specific.

Give students the first worksheet to work on which enables them to practice the first of two important parts of descriptive writing. It helps students start thinking in a descriptive way. Inform them to think of all five senses when they are describing the nouns. It will teach them to look past the physical appearance, and they will learn to make a more vivid picture for their readers.

The second worksheet will help students learn to be specific when they are writing. Being specific is the second of the two most important parts to being a good descriptive writer. Give students this worksheet along with the first worksheet to give them practice with all the aspects of being a good descriptive writer.

When the students have worked through the lessons of descriptive writing this quiz may be an effective tool in testing their understanding. Not only is it a good assessment of the students comprehension, but also a fun activity for students. Along with this quiz, another test for students would be to have them write a descriptive story about a favorite place, using all the skills they have learned.

Instructional Page - Teaching A Descriptive Language Lesson

Worksheet - Using Descriptive Words

Worksheet - Be Specific with Description

Quiz - Now Say That Again

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