1. Fill a medium-sized garbage bag partway with water. Be sure you can easily lift it and that it will not burst as you move it.

2. Add an assortment of waterproof toys and prizes.

3. Tightly close the bag and tie a double knot in it.

4. Tie a rope around the neck of the bag under the knot. Make sure that it can't slip off.

5. Hang the bag securely by the rope from a strong tree branch outdoors.

6. Be sure that the bag hangs low enough that all players can reach it.

7. Blindfold players one at a time.

8. Give the blindfolded player a stick or handle from a broom.

9. Have all other players and spectators stand back so they are not injured.

10. Allow each player to take three swings at the bag.

11. Watch as the players hit the bag and eventually break it, spilling out water and prizes.

12. Let all the players scramble to gather prizes once the bag breaks.


Do not use a bag that is very strong or no one will be able to break it open.


Water is heavy. Make sure to tie the bag securely to a strong tree limb so that it will not fall and hurt someone.
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