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Understanding the 6-2 Rotation in Volleyball
Latest update to this document: 07 October 2003

There are the six positions on the court:

Position 1 - Right Back (Server)

Position 2 - Right Front

Position 3 - Middle Front

Position 4 - Left Front

Position 5 - Left Back

Position 6 - Middle Back

The 6-2 stands for six attackers and two setters. Obviously you can not have more then six players on the court so what this means is that all six people can attack when they get into the front row. But there is only two people that are supposed to set, which they take turns in doing.

This setup will always give you a setter, middle hitter, and outside hitter in ther front row and the back row. But it is the backrow setter that always sets. With this setup you have a better offense because you have three possible attackers/hitters.

Many times players will have specialized spots that they play best at. For example a person who is a good middle hitter/middle blocker, will always play middle. But they will not always start out in the middle, so they may have to switch with other players to get to their spot. This can not happen until the ball has been served.

    You Need to Know the Rotation
  • In all volleyball games you need to know your rotation and what spot you are supposed to be in before and after the serve.

  • If not, you could hurt the team. The referee's will penalize you if you are not in the correct spot on the court when the ball is served.

  • But once the player has served the ball then you can go to your specialized spot, which is the spot the coach tells you to go to.

  1. First Rotation
  2. Second Rotation
  3. Third Rotation


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