Now see if you can recognize comma splices and correct sentences. Here are some correct sentences and some sentences with comma splices. If you think you've spotted a comma splice, write it down on your own piece of paper. Then check the solutions page to see if you've correctly identified all of the comma splices.

1. My brother never cleans his room, it smells bad.

2. San Fransisco is a great place to visit; I've been there twice.

3. When Dan goes running, he runs for a long time, and it takes a while before he gets tired.

4. If I won a million dollars, I would give half of it to charity. I would use the other half for college tuition and spending money.

5. After my ballet recitals, my mom takes me out for ice-cream, she has always done this.

6. Mary broke her arm, she had to get a cast, which I signed twice.

7. Carl and Ashley collect stamps, I collect stickers because I think it's more exciting.

8. Different people enjoy different music; I enjoy jazz.

9. I am hungry, so I hope that supper is ready soon.

10. Pizza is Maggie's favorite food, she won't eat anything else.

11. Some do homework, some don't.

12. Exercise is good for the heart. Nutrition is also important.

13. When the fire alarm went off in class, we were all scared, it turned out to be just a practice drill.

14. Comma splices seemed tricky at first, but now I totally understand!

Now see if you can properly fix the comma splices and turn them into correct sentences. Have your teacher check your work!


That concludes the tutorial on comma splices. Ask your teachers about more comma splice activities, games, or practice. Hopefully you've learned something!

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