Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

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This lesson is intended for fifth-grade students who are already familiar with writing and reading proper, improper, and mixed fractions. Below is a PowerPoint Presentation that teaches students the basic concepts and algorithms for multiplying and dividing fractions with mixed numbers, whole numbers, improper fractions, and, of course, proper fractions. Also included are resources that may be found useful for this lesson, games, activities, worksheets, and answers to the worksheets. Come learn about multiplying and dividing fractions!

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions PowerPoint

Student Resources for Multiplying & Dividing Fractions

Ask Dr. Math: Dividing Fractions

This site contains a ton of information on dividing fractions, as well as a fair amount of information on multiplying them. Each link has a short description. Find the one that you are looking for and simply click on it!

Help with Fractions

Here is yet another site devoted to helping students with the operations of fractions.

Discovery School: Fractions

Here are some links to resources on multiplying and dividing fractions. Type in two fractions and the "solver" will find the answer whether the fractions are mixed numbers, improper fractions, or reciprocals. This site will also put an answer in lowest terms.

Visual Fractions

This site thoroughly explains many aspects of fractions. To learn about multiplying and dividing fractions, scroll down toward the bottom of the page. There are nice visuals at this site!

Spike's Game Zone

This site shows a nice visual of multiplying fractions. It doesn't just show an algorithm, it shows more of the concept. On this site, you can find explanations for multiplying and dividing fractions with whole and mixed numbers.


Purplemath is a great site to find information about a variety of math topics. Go to the site, then type in "Multiplying and Dividing Fractions" in the search box. You should get some helpful results.

Fraction Games

Fraction Flashcards

This site has interactive flashcards focused solely on multiplying fractions. You get to choose how large or small the numerators and denominators will be. Then, the computer gives you a problem to solve. Type in the answer and then reduce it to lowest terms for the maximum number of points.

Fresh Baked Fractions

This is a game that will help you become familiar with equivalent fractions, which may help you reduce fractions when multiplying or dividing them. You have four levels to choose from in this game--Easy, Medium, Hard, and Superbrain. The computer will give you a set of fractions. Your job is to find the one that is not equal to the rest. To do so, simply click on the fraction that doesn't belong.

Soccer Shootout

Soccer Shootout is a game where you practice your skills in multiplying, dividing, adding, and subtracting fractions. Choose from four levels--Easy, Medium, Hard, and Superbrain. To play, score and save by answering various problems and reducing them to lowest terms.

Fraction Game

This is a drill-type game to practice multiplying fractions. It is a good way to check and see how well you understand the algorithm.

Mystery Picture Fraction Game

Here is a fraction game where you must figure out the answer from a brief story problem. The object is to get all the answers right to figure out what picture lies beneath the square tiles. Each tile has a number on it, which is an answer to a story problem. This is a great game for testing understanding of fractions.

Fraction Activities

Fraction Recipe

Here are some recipes that you can actually make. Each uses fractions in the ingredients listed and in the steps given for you to follow. The featured recipe is "Fraction Pretzels." Here is proof that you do need to understand fractions outside of school!

Fraction Riddles

Read these fun fraction riddles and see if you can figure out the answers!

Fraction Card Game

This is a fraction card game written in pdf format that is meant to be played in small groups.

Fraction Worksheets and Answers

Multiplying Fractions Worksheet

Test yourself on your multiplication skills involving fractions. There is a variety of problems--some drill and some higher-level thinking questions.

Multiplying Fractions Answers

Here are the answers to the worksheet. See how you did!

Dividing Fractions Worksheet

See how well you know how to divide fractions by completing this worksheet. It includes a few drill-type problems, three story problems, and one higher-level thinking question.

Dividing Fractions Answers

Check out the answers and see how well you did!


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