Finding the Perimeter of Polygons

***Perimeter Power Point

This is a fairly short power point (about seven slides) that instructs students on how to find the perimeter of various polygons. It includes links to other web sites that also go into detail on perimeter.

***Perimeter Power point Slides

These are the power point slides available in pdf format. These are not animated and are available for printing.


This web site also covers perimeter, but it is slightly different than the power point. It is only one page but thoroughly covers the information. The web site also includes a link to a quiz testing your knowledge on area.

***Perimeter Pictures

While this web site does not provide much instructions on how to determine the perimeter, it does provide some drawings of various polygons. The perimeters of these drawings are included underneath, so it is a good exercise for the students to test to see if they know how to determine perimeter.


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