Direct and Indirect Objects

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The powerpoint presentation is intended for an upper elementary school classroom, approximately 6th grade. It teaches students how to recognize direct and indirect objects in a sentence. Examples and practice are also provided.

Click here for a powerpoint presentation on direct and indirect objects!

Other Resources

Here are a few helpful sites...

Guide to Grammar and Writing: Powerpoint Presentations

This site has fourteen powerpoint presentations currently available. Some are geared towards very specific topics, such as clauses or semicolons, and others focus on large topics such as the parts of speech. (There isn't a presentation on direct and indirect objects, though!) The entire Guide to Grammar and Writing website is a very good resource for teachers as well as students. This site offers numerous handouts, quizzes, and other materials to help answer any grammar question.

Big Dog's Grammar

Big Dog's Grammar is an excellent grammar website. Here you can brush up on your basic skills and take a few self-tests to make sure you've got everything right. Big Dog tries to spice things up with a lot of dog humor, though, so beware.

Grammar Bytes! Interactive Grammar Review

This site has a lot of helpful resources for both students and teachers. It features an index of grammar terms, interactive exercises, handouts for students and teachers, and grammar rules.


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