"FindIt2" Game

This is a Description of How FindIt2 works:

Two screens appear side by side. These screens both have subtle differences which the player has to find. When a difference is found the player must click on the area (on either screen) where the difference is located. There are 3 different levels with many different scenarios. There is a timer which is below the screens. This timer runs as soon as the game begins; if the player clicks on the wrong area (an area where there is no difference between the two screens), then the timer jumps ahead more quickly. If a player does not discover all of the differences within the alotted time, then the game is over. If the player finds all of the differences before the timer runs out, then they win and may advance to a higher level.

Value and Use of playing FindIt2 in the Classroom?:

Find It2 would be a great game to help students pay attention to detail; to stay focused; and to think clearly under pressure. Students may better develop skills to pay attention to detail simply by practicing finding the differences between the two screens in the game. This game is a fun and challanging way to help kids to stay focused; they will only have a certain amount of time to complete the task, so they'd have to learn to pay attention. Students will experience working under pressure. Since there's not a way to view the pictures while using the pause option, the students would have to find the differences within the time frame, or they would lose that game. Also, students will most likely want to try another game if they weren't able to beat the timer because the game is very fun and stimulating.

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