Base 10 Blocks   

Using Base 10 Blocks in Math

Latest update to this document: 22 April 2004

This page is designed to help early elementary students with place value, addition, and subtraction using Base 10 Blocks. The first link includes information on Base 10 Blocks, place value, and face value. The powerpoint deals with addition and subtraction of Base 10 Blocks. When you get done going through these links you can quiz yourself on the information. You can also check your answers to the quiz.

Base 10 Blocks

This link has information on Base 10 Blocks and will show students place value and face value using Base 10 Blocks.

Base 10 Blocks Powerpoint

This link will show students how to use Base 10 Blocks in addition and subtraction.

BT Bear Game

For a really fun game, click on this link and help BT Bear catch the falling blocks.


Click on this link for a short quiz on Base 10 Blocks.

Quiz Answers

You can check your answers to the quiz with this link.


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