Learning the Parts of Speech

by, Connie Usher

Latest update to this document: December 8, 1995


This lesson will deal with learning the eight different parts of speech. Knowing how, where, and when to use them is important, as they will be used throughout your life.

Each part of speech has its own lesson to explain it and to see examples of how each one is used. After going through the lessons, you can practice by playing a game of Madlibs. Hopefully, when you're finished, you'll have a story that makes sense!

Choose a part of speech to begin the lesson:

  • 1. nouns
  • 2. pronouns
  • 3. adjectives
  • 4. verbs
  • 5. adverbs
  • 6. prepositions
  • 7. conjunctions
  • 8. interjections
  • ________________________________________________________________________________

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